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      Jodi Enders

      What are some of your favorite nutritional supplements or vitamins, or ones you take recommended by a health professional?

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      Hello, I get my vitamin D tested a couple times a year. I take a D supplement every day. About 2000 iu. I was told by my doctor that folks with autoimmune diseases often have low D.

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        John Palatucci

        3000 iu D, calcium w/ magnesium, zinc, c,b12, imuran 3 daily and mestinon 2 daily, 10mg Prednisone every other day. Was diagnosed in 2015, blood work every 3 months. So far under control for the most part.

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      Hello, I get my vitamin D tested a couple times a year. I take a D supplement every day. About 2000 iu. I was told by my doctor that folks with autoimmune diseases often have low D.

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      Tim Lindsey

      I take a bunch…
      Vit D, E & C
      Fish Oil
      Zinc & Quercetin
      & Low Dose Aspirin

      All except Quercetin recommended by my pharmacist team.   Don’t know of any that particular help with MG issues, but thankful I’m staying healthy and getting through a dangerous winter flu season.

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      Kenneth Berg

      Like Tim, I take a lot of supplements.  The one required by my doctor for my MG is 1200 mg Calcium every day.

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      Scott McCormack

      Hi all-  D3, C, Omega 3, Tumeric, zinc, and ,due to the prednisone I take, Calcium.

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      Craig Moore

      I also have low Vitamin D (D3 50mcg) and currently being tested twice a year.  I also take Iron (65mg), and B12 (1000mg) due to past anemia.  I also take Mestinon (3mg) to help me sleep.

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      Amy Cessina

      My doctor says everyone has low d . I’ve taken vitd for years  without any rise in levels. So I suppose my body knows where it should be. It’s not completely bad but borderline every time. (20) no matter if I supplement or not and I get that exact reading for a decade.

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      Marvin Yudenfreund

      Haven’t seen any literature on it, but I’be been taking lecithin for a while.  Lecithin is a precursor to choline, needed for the production of acetylcholine that transmits nerve signals to muscles.  Studies also suggest that lecithin could inhibit onset of cognitive disorders.

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      I take D, C, and Zinc along with a Multi Vitamin. I am fortunate at 74 to have my MG undercontol, or at leasat as I see it undercontrol. Have had MG for 2 + years, yet I do expierence times of lose of energy and some muscle contorl – not severe yet I do notice it in my golf game and day to day living. I get IVIG quarterly, on Mestinon daily, and still walk at leat 3 miles a day on play golf 2 to 3 imtes a week – weather permitting. I feel at times that MG wants to take over my life, but I just do not let it. I have lost muscle strength and what I call “control” to some extent, but I am 74 and understand that some of this is just age – but I know that is is more than just age. I have good Drs to talk to that understand who I am. I also out to others and challange my Drs all the time. I understand that MG has effected my life adn while I do not like it I know it is something that I have to deal with. I understadn that MG has far worse effects on many that follow this blog, and my heart goe sout to ech of you. Hange in there – keep youi attitude up – love each day – and make the best of your life. Peace

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      John Ulfelder

      I take a wide range of supplements daily. I also take various medications for my MG (prednisone and mestinon) as well as for other health conditions (e.g. statin, blood pressure medication, medication for my enlarged prostate, etc.). I stopped taking magnesium when I learend it might further weaken the muscles affected by MG. Based on what I am reading I will be adding calcium to my daily supplements. I am 81 and was preliminarily diagnosed with MG a year ago. Couldn’t chew, couldn’t swallow and my eyelids were drooping badly and interfering with my vision. Had a feeding tube installed in my abdomen. After being released from the hospital and the rehab hospital, received further therapy at home. Regained chewing and swallowing functions, tube was remioved. Eat and drink whatever I want (no alcohol since last March. liver feels better!).My ptosis, drooping eyelids, has not improved. No problems with weakness in arms or legs, or difficulty breathing. My diagnosis is preliminary because none of the blood tests confirmed the presence of any MG related anti-bodies. My EMG tests were also negative. Am planning on getting a second opinion concerning my diagnosis and treatment at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. My current neurologist is quite supportive of my intention. He is a smart and personable doctor who I think is quite open and would welcome having another doctor or doctors looking at my situation and trying to figure out what is best for me.

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