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      Jodi Enders

      Have you contracted COVID-19?

      Did you contract it more recently or towards the beginning of the pandemic?

      What was your experience?

      Have you sustained any long-term COVID side effects?

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      paul spychalski

      I tested positive but felt fine. 3 days latter I was very sleepy, all the time. I ran a 99 deg. temp. and had depression thoughts. That lasted 3 days. I lost some sense of smell nd taste. That was Nov. 2021.

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      Jokaryeli Ventura

      Hi, I contracted Covid during the Christmas recess. I am fully vaccinated and it is going okay. Not much symptoms and MG is behaving. A couple of times I felt very tired, I have been quarantined and keeping everything as disinfested as I could.

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      John Gore

      After both vaccines and booster still got Covid. Very mild case just some coughing and diarrhea (yuck!).  Whole family had it before me so no way to avoid exposure.


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      Thomas Lee Clark

      <b>I tested positive dec 7 2021 and rcv’d iv antibody cocktail 13 Dec. Never lost taste, smell, no fever, Oxy level stayed low 90’s with COPD. Had cough, Rales in lower lobes and bronchial phlegm. sore neck muscles. Took all over counter remedies. Tired all the time and sleep. My wife also had the cocktail but she was much worse, so I nursed her. She had fever, headache body ache like flu symptoms. We are both through and we think we were exposed at the same time. I woke up Wednesday morning seeing DOUBLE which lasted about 3 hours and I took another sleep, woke up and my vision is back to normal. I never had the shots. Since the thymectomy never experienced any MG symptoms, first time. Perhaps this episode was a reminder for how blest I am. The covid was nothing compared to gMG I had. MG is bad but I listened to some vax shot reactions and one girl was on a feeding tube with little hope. An eye patch is small thing. I could drive one – eyed but the choking and gagging to clear my throat while necessary, made many at the table ill. I made one engineer recoil when he looked at me while eating breakfast on a business trip we took together. he did not know about my eyesight. Funny stuff happened all the time.</b>


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