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      Michelle Gonzaba

      The farther we get into the summer, the higher the temperatures rise. The heat has always made me feel more sluggish and on the weaker side. I try to stay indoors as much as possible, but sometimes going outside is unavoidable.

      How do you deal with the summer heat? What tips do you have for people with MG?

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      Rick Federmann

      Heat and humidity are my primary triggers.  When I was diagnosed, I lived in Austin, Texas. Austin has two seasons: warm and hot.  The humidity is so high that stepping outside can be like entering a sauna. A trip to Walmart was often enough to ruin the rest of the day.  I was effectively housebound, and still needed frequent rest.

      I moved to Colorado Springs and the cooler, drier climate has made a dramatic difference.  I still experience symptoms, but they are significantly reduced.  For example, yesterday I spent 9 hours working on landscaping in my back yard.  Yes, I was later punished by MG for my misbehavior, but it is astounding that I could do that work.

      I’ve discovered that humidity is a more significant factor than heat. I function better at 85 degrees + 10% humidity than I do at 60 degrees + 50% humidity.  If you are considering moving to a healthier climate, I suggest determining what actually affects you, so that research of prospective locations will be more effective.

      Also, I’ve learned that drinking a glass of ice water has an immediate restorative effect when heat/humidity are affecting me.  If I’m away from home and I suddenly feel weak, getting a cold bottle of water or drinking from a fountain with refrigerated water eliminates most of the weakness long enough to finish what I’m doing. A sip doesn’t do it; I drink enough so that the volume of water acts like an internal coolant.


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      Thomas Lee Clark

      What a magnificent find for me. This site helps me understand I was not totally mental. Heat and humidity sapped me and still makes me weak after a shower to the point I take a cool shower always and rest afterwards. The sun does the same. Actually, thinking about exercise wears me out. I am thankful for how well I feel now.

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      Dave Hall

      I was diagnosed with MG shortly after I retired, six years ago. My retirement plan was to increase my agricultural business on my farm. My farm is outside of Houston, Texas so I have plenty of heat and lots of humidity. One Saturday morning while I was at the Bryan, Texas farmers market selling my duck eggs, I finally had a bad reaction to the heat. I just got into a shaded area and waited it out. That week I got a small, battery powered fan and an ice chest. I made my own custom cooler so I could have a cool breeze whenever I wanted it, or needed it. Now I am very careful of how much heat I let myself get exposed to.

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      Ann Marie Hetrick

      Summer heat and humidity saps the strength out of me too. I have to stay inside in the air conditioning . When I try to do anything in house I have to have the air turned down low and I still have to stop and rest. People think I am crazy when I say I prefer winter over summer because I can function so much better.

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