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      Jodi Enders

      Early into my diagnosis, I was a student during covid when all classes got switched online. As you can imagine, I struggled when I was first diagnosed with my eyes and being in front of a screen so often. My double vision would occur rapidly. Even now that I do not experience double vision, I still am in front of a screen repeatedly as a disease advocate. I experience eye weakness that worsens with bright lights.

      I tried blue light glasses designed to increase contrast on the screen you are viewing to help reduce the blue light. Blue light can make concentrating tough, leading to MG eye weakness. With the glasses on, it makes a drastic difference personally! I noticed my eyes felt less strained. I no longer feel like everything on the screen is shaking.

      Have you ever tried blue light glasses? Did they help your eye weakness improve? If you have never tried them and use your screens frequently, are you interested in giving them a go?

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      Sharon Haw

      I’ve been using blue light glasses for 3 years. My MG is well controlled with medication so I don’t notice any difference when I use them or not, except for more eye strain without them. Everyone is different and although I don’t notice a difference now while my MG is stable, I really appreciate that you shared your positive experience with blue light glasses. My neurologist is going to allow me a trial with no medication this fall and I’ll be sure to use my glasses. Thanks for the tip!

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      That is really interesting to learn!  I’m about to order a new pair of glasses, and I believe I will try the blue light.   I see screens better without my glasses (which I’ve always found odd), so maybe this explains why!

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      If you have had surgery for cataracts, the new lenses have blue light protection built in.


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      Christer Whitworth

      I think I must have a very mild case of ocular MG. I experienced double vision last Feb. I had an exam scheduled with an ophthalmologist already set for the day after I woke up with double vision. Turned out he was an MG specialist! Talk about a lucky break. Regardless, I have not had another episode since other than a few days last week when I could tell my eyes were “off”.

      Anyway, I have been using blue blocking glasses for computer work as well as a blue light filter that is built into my Android phone. If you haven’t enabled it on yours, check in your settings to get it turned on.

      I find the filter makes my screen time more pleasant, but I have been using it long before I was diagnosed.

      Good luck to you.

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      I’m glad to hear that it helps you; however the title of this post is. very mis-leading. Blue Light DOES NOT ease MG eye muscle weakness–you explain that you are wearing glass that BLOCK blue light, therefore it is the LACK of blue light that is helpful.


      I agree that trying glasses that block blue light is definitely worth trying. Unfortunately, for me they did not help with my double vision

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      Lou Venema

      I recently purchased a new monitor with blue light blocker. My double vision is not affected by the blue light. However, the reduction of blue light does decrease the strain on the eyes, which causes  the double vision. Anything that will decrease the eye strain will help the double vision, to varying degrees.


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      Linda A HEYS

      Where can I get blue light glasses? Are they only available as a prescription. My husband complains a lot of his eyes feeling tired, he has had MG for 11 years

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      Thomas Lee Clark

      I just ordered clip on from amazon. Blue lites, especially the headlites and emergency vehicle flashing lites are miserable. led christmas lites hurt but not as much incandescent. What I know is I don’t know much but I will try. My astigmatism does not help and it may be the greatest contributor.

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      Thomas Lee Clark

      I just got blue lite clip on. Blue lites bother me Blue headlites on vehicles, blue lites on cruisers and some christmas lites. I think they mite be LED style not incandescent. I have asked the eye doc regarding the pain at times in the back of my head. Just got them today and are comfortable. Not sure if MG had any cause or affect. Wait and see for me. A nice thanks for this blog especially as I age. Thanks

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