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        Hi, I have an unusual question. How do you deal with plumber when you need a repair inside your home? mg + immunocompromised + Covid risk + Flu risk + RSV rik + all other bacteria and virus risk. Do you kindly ask a plumber to wear a mask or not?

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          I would say “yes” you ask him it’s your house and health. Plus you are paying him. So I would believe your also have the right to ask and he should have the respect to be ok with it.

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          David S

            We have had a number of trades people in to do repairs.  I always wear a mask and do a fist bump.  No hand shake.  I keep my distance and clean everything that he/they touch.  I also have a HEPA air filter next to my chair.  So far so good.

            We have not required them to wear a mask lately but seeing infections rising, we may request the next one to wear a mask.  If they refuse, I would not hesitate in letting them go and find another that will wear a mask.  I would think if you requested that they mask up during your phone call they would comply.

            Good luck.


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              We always require a mask or I vacate the work area and someone else deals with the tradesperson. Afterwards we open windows and clean all surfaces. We are polite and explain my health risks. No problems yet. Often they are wearing the mask when they show up. They do not want us to make them sick either.

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              David S


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                Ann Marie Hetrick

                  We have a UV light on our central aircondtioner that runs all the time to clean the air and I also open the windows and the doors after they leave and clean all surfaces touched. All repairmen that have come have been very good as they know my condtion.

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                    Thank you very much everyone! We are still delaying plumber visit 🙂 when people are healthy, they don’t understand this

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                      I have a sign on the window by my front door asking that anyone who enters the house wear a mask (and I have some by the door if they don’t have one). I’ve never had anyone take issue with it.

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                      Craig Whitney

                        My gMG and my sweetheart’s health issues have kept both of us pretty much homebound. And we are now in need of a plumber. We are asking those who enter our home to wear a mask, as do we while anyone is here. No one has complained, so far. As was mentioned in a previous post, employers want to keep their workers busy and safe.

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                        Robert Standifer

                          Hello. I am a retired plumber of 45 years. I instructed all of my guy’s to do whatever is necessary to get the job done. Booties, mask or whatever made the customer feel safe, within reason of course. I never had any of them complain. So, by all means yes, ask them to make you feel safe. A good person will comply with no issue’s. Good luck. Sorry for the delayed answer. I just got the post.

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                          Robert Standifer

                            I failed to mention, that I also have had MG for 30 years. Various different stage over the years. That is why I finally retired. I was found out in 1992 that I had MG and had to retire in 1993. Started my own plumbing business in 1999 and then had to retire again in 2014.
                            I have had IVIGG, Plasma Pheresis, steroids, Soliris and am now on Ultomiris. It’s not working good for me, so back on Soliris. I’m also on Mestinon 60 mg three time daily, Mestinon 180 Timespan three times daily. Cellcept twice daily. I’m stable for now. Good luck with your treatment.

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                                Thank you very much for your comment! Hope that you will keep MG under control 🙂

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                              GREG M CLARKE

                                It’s been my experience that the larger companies thoroughly train their employees about masks and they will quickly respond. For the soleproprieters, you may have to put your foot down.

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