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  • David S

    February 24, 2022 at 2:57 am

    A very sensitive topic for such a public place.



    • Joe B

      February 26, 2022 at 3:34 pm

      Would suggest editing profile to not include last name so discussion can be open without anxiety. I wouldnt want my personal info tied to a cronic disease site regardless. Posts are forever.

  • Bill Wheeler

    February 25, 2022 at 9:38 pm

    Thanks, Jodi, for approaching a topic that is often avoided but of significant importance to many of us. There was an article recently in Forum and it mentioned adapting to what your situation requires. My wife is a lot younger than I but was diagnosed 14 years ago with Chronic Fatigue and Sjogrens Disease; Chronic causes tiredness just like MG and Sjogrens causes joint pains and often dry eyes, mouth and other areas, so many of the problems we MG people live with both of us now have from time to time but not at the same time. With some good communication and stowing away embarrassment for discussing intimate details of what works “for me” and what works “for her” and some imagination, you can have a satisfying intimate relationship. There are many alternatives to intercourse when that is not feasible, and many positions to experiment with for non-weight bearing intercourse when feasible. If one partner is fatigued but still interested in intimacy at that moment, other options can prevail to bring pleasure, orgasm, or just an intimate embrace: digital, oral, just friction from two body parts rubbing, making up fantasy stories to share, and recounting some memorable sexual times you had together in the past or fantasies to work on in the future. And both partners can agree to have solo time when not physically possible for one or another to participate. But most important is to understand and communicate when you feel capable physically and mentally to engage in intimacy and when not and accept this without question. Without getting to detailed about ‘how to’, I hope this might help someone. And not offend anyone as being too explicit. Communicate, Communicate, Communicate with your partner!

    If this is too explicit, feel free to not authorize posting…won`t hurt my feelings!

  • Thomas Lee Clark

    February 26, 2022 at 2:05 am

    At 76 what can a guy expect. Those that say they perform alright reminds me of locker room talk. My Doc knows all I have gone through and agrees. I could look at my beautiful wife when under the influence of MG and saw two of her. Not bad. She I suppose looked at me and saw only one walleyed, chocking mess holding my head up with my thumb under my chin. I have seen guys with arms and legs missing. I too have been blessed. I was cured after thymus, had good productive years, now just growing old. That is life.

  • Joe B

    February 26, 2022 at 3:12 pm

    I had my first MG symptoms only this October and went from perfectly healthy to not being able to speak, chew, hold my head and arms up, and obviously have sex. Im 42 and my wife and I had/have a very active sex life. Of all the changes that have taken place, this topic was my most concerning. The past few years life seemed so good I would often joke about what tragedy Murphy would hit me with. when this happened I have surprised myself how positive I have remained.

    The first few months before I was diagnosed and medication started working was a real struggle. My first inability to physically take a breath happened after sex and it was terrifying. I thought Iwas going to die. My wife got up to go to the bathroom and I just layed there unable to breath. Thats when we knew we had to change things up.

    Communication is key and being comfortable with each other and yourselves is key to experimenting.

    Medication has gotten me back to 80% and we added some more spice in other ways. At first she was hesitant of toys but now are part of the play book. Mornings are out of the question because i never recover for work.

    This is way out there but we also added some magic mushrooms a few times and that has been an incredible bonding moment, not just in the bedroom. And we were not the type to try such a thing before.

    Bottom line, if sex is important to you, there are so many ways to keep it that way.

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