Finding Happiness in the Midst of Sickness

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by Megan Hunter |

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This past weekend, I attended my doctor’s “special patient day,” a morning event with tea, snacks, and entertainment by local musician Joshua na die Reën. The staff from my doctor’s office was there, including the nurses who take care of me during day treatments and chemotherapy, administrative staff, and the women who assist with obtaining insurance authorization for admissions and treatments.

Seeing the many smiling faces and recognizing them from the icons appearing in countless emails sent between us meant so much. We talked about “normal” life, laughed, and simply enjoyed a day out. My doctor said her patients are much more than “simply patients” — we are a small family. She also said we have our own battles, but you’d never know that by glancing around the room. There was so much love and laughter.

But when she said that, I took a closer look at the other patients. I saw the man who uses a cane nervously looking at the stairs when he needed to use the restroom. I saw the couple hanging onto one another as a tear plopped out of the wife’s eye. I saw the daughter sitting on her own and mourning the loss of her mom. Suddenly, it hit me: We are all warriors in our own way. We all have a war raging inside of us for some reason or another. We all seek reasons for happiness or dwell on the negative and allow it to dictate our lives. You can’t judge a book by its cover, and we must be kind to one another.

My doctor then gave out “awards” to each and every one of us in attendance. I got the “smiley” award. It reminded me that there is always a reason for a smile. Perhaps you managed to get out of bed without help, maybe it’s the shining sun, or maybe it’s simply that the woman in the car next to you waved while driving past. There is something good in every day. Look for that good. Make friends with others who understand. Best of all, recognize those who make a difference in your life and show your appreciation for them.

Never give up!


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