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Don’t let fear hold you back from living with MG

Deborah skydives over Longmont, Colorado. (Photos courtesy of Deborah White) This is Deborah White’s story: After several months of sporadic double vision, I started to experience drooping eyelids while on a business trip. A concerned co-worker took me to the emergency room where the physician recommended that I…

Living with myasthenia gravis has taught me compassion

(Photo courtesy of Andrea Barlass) This is Andrea Barlass’ story: Living with myasthenia gravis (MG) has been interesting, for the lack of a better word. Despite the amount of research I did after I was diagnosed, no amount of information could have prepared me for how…

The silver linings of solitude, the gold nuggets of gratitude

Michael and Carmel. (Photos courtesy of Michael Adam Weinberg) This is Michael Adam Weinberg’s story: I might’ve found myself solo, still meandering lost on this winding, never-beaten path of life, without my myasthenia gravis diagnosis and the consequential medical challenges I’ve faced over the past 17 years.

How an MG diagnosis was personally transformative

With MG, Siobhán Mattison says she looks well and can walk — until she can’t. Her kids never mind the ride, though. (Photo courtesy of Siobhán Mattison) This is Siobhán Mattison’s story: I’ve had autoimmune symptoms for much of my life, but I never thought much about it.

How life changed after my myasthenia gravis diagnosis

(Photos courtesy of Charles Boyd) This is Charles Boyd’s story: I have had two lives. Before myasthenia gravis (MG) changed everything, I was a hardworking, nonstop kind of guy. I worked a full-time job and I worked hard at a food pantry on my days off. After MG…