The Importance of Looking After Your Gut Health

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by Megan Hunter |

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On Saturday, I attended an autoimmune disease seminar, where I listened to speakers talk about the importance of good gut health and how it affects the entire body. Experts told the audience that the microvilli in the digestive system are important for gut health, and we need the good bacteria to digest and process food so that we get the nutrients we need and our bodies can function at optimal levels.

I had no idea that having bad gut health could affect the body in so many ways. I have become so used to having chronic diarrhea from my medications that I no longer take other medicines to suppress it — otherwise, I would be living on tablets, and some days, I simply can’t face that anymore. The gut is also known as our “second brain,” and when there is an imbalance, it increases inflammation in our bodies and predisposes us to the many autoimmune conditions.

The speakers discussed the importance of taking natural supplements — including multivitamins, omegas, and even superfood supplements — which protect our bodies from the chemicals that we constantly are loaded with. I have been adding a superfood supplement that contains probiotics to my morning meal for the past week and can already feel a difference. I have more energy, my brain fog has decreased significantly, and I no longer have severe stomach cramps.

The doctors who delivered the talk on Saturday said blood tests can show which types of foods to avoid and which foods cause inflammation and toxicity in the body. When your body is continually fighting the foods you ingest, the permeability of the gut lining becomes altered, allowing toxins, bacteria, and foreign substances to enter the bloodstream. This is called “leaky gut syndrome.”

So, I learned the importance of adding pre- and probiotics to my diet, how vital superfoods like barley grass are, and how our current foods are lacking in nutrients because they have been genetically modified and changed. Our ancestors didn’t have this problem, but unfortunately, this is our current state.

Allergies to gluten, dairy, and other foods are on the rise, as are autoimmune conditions. When I was doing my research for this topic, I was terrified to see how the number of conditions and incidences has increased over the years. Studies into this problem are ongoing.

We need to take better care of ourselves and our bodies. Don’t lose hope!


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Monica Smith

Great article! I would have loved to have attended this seminar and to have received this booklet. I have learned a lot about "Leaky Gut" within the last 2 years. How over 70% of our immune system is located in our gut, WOW! I have notice a difference in my overall health as well as MG/Lupus after changing my diet: avoiding processed foods, GMO, dairy, sugar, gluten and adding more fruits/veggies to my diet.

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Megan Hunter

It's so interesting once you start looking into it!

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Amy weiss

Where can you find superfood supplements are they safe for MG?

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Megan Hunter

I get mine from my local health shop - just double check with your PCP that they are happy for you to take them first x


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