Joana Carvalho, PhD, managing science editor —

Joana holds a bachelor’s in biology, a Master of Science in evolutionary and developmental biology, and a PhD in biomedical sciences from Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal. Her work has been focused on the impact of non-canonical Wnt signaling in the collective behavior of endothelial cells — those that make up the lining of blood vessels — found in the umbilical cord of newborns. In addition to several research fellowships, she was awarded two Erasmus scholarships to conduct part of her studies in France.

Articles by Joana Carvalho

Mitochondria Defects in Immune Cells May Cause MG, Study Says

Defects in mitophagy — the process that degrades defective mitochondria, the cell compartments responsible for producing energy — in certain types of immune cells may cause myasthenia gravis (MG), a study contends. The findings also suggest that an antibiotic with immunosuppressant properties, called rapamycin, holds promise…