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      Jodi Enders

        Dr. Forest Ray published an article with Myasthenia Gravis News,, that overviews a case series that suggests melatonin supplements may intensify MG effects. Several studies indicate that the over-the-counter sleep medication may stimulate the immune system or interact with additional medicines. Knowledge, though, is still limited in regards to the number of participants of research studies.

        Melatonin is an over-the-counter supplement typically used to treat sleeplessness. Has a medical professional ever recommended you try melatonin, and was the individual aware you have MG? Was the recommender an MG specialist?

        If you are a patient and have attempted melatonin, did you have noticeable changes in your MG symptoms? Have you ever used it for an extended period?

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        Tim Lindsey

          I used melatonin for sleep for years successfully. After diagnosed with MG, I researched every Rx & OTC I was using and found that information you referenced & quit melatonin immediately.  I am not sure if was having any affects on my MG.  My Primary Care Dr has given me a low dose Trazadone which works as well and does not exacerbate my MG. My neurologist was not aware of melatonin’s effect, but agreed it was best to cease using it.

          Thank you for the post & heads up.  It is wise for anyone with MG to diligently research everything that goes into their body from medication to food.

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            Jodi Enders

              Thanks, Tim. My one year of being diagnosed is just coming up, so I am still learning more every day myself!

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            Tim Lindsey

              I’m not sure what the appropriate greeting is for an anniversary of a diagnosis of MG, but congratulations for your fight against it, and for your positive spirit. I have a one year anniversary myself coming up this September.
              I have certainly learned a lot about this neuro-muscular challenge, but in many ways I think I am still in kindergarten.
              Be well and stay strong.

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