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      Michelle Gonzaba

        Sometimes, I try to imagine what my life would be like if I didn’t have MG. But then I realize it’s not helpful to dwell on things that won’t happen.

        Do you ever imagine life without MG? Do you think it’s good for your mental health to do so?

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          I remember my life before MG.  I mourned the loss for a long time.  Then, I decided slowing down some wasn’t such a bad thing.   Life’s easier when you accept yourself.

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              Anita that’s very positive input and I love the thought of it. However, I have so many to-do lists that I can’t get to the end of in order to slow down.

              Until then I just keep pushing that ball up a hill and the days I can’t I don’t. I am getting better at accepting that.

              It would be so nice not to have this limitation.
              I feel sorry for those of you that acquired this at a young age.

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            Deb Couraud

              I hate Myasthenia Gravis hate it. I want my life back hopeful Rituxan will help with that . My neurologist told me to not push to exhaustion try to stop and rest but when I a few good days I go for it. He said not stopping and pushing sets me up for flare ups. My whole life I have been a go getter . Gosh I don’t want to be on the pity pot but it’s been a hard 4 years. I am learning to take breaks and rest when I have to. I have learned to respect the disease and the limitations I am adjusting to. I can walk a mile or 2 okay great but I can’t climb or hike 6-10 miles anymore . Heat is a killer so cool weather is a welcoming event.

              I had huge plans for my retirement to travel, hike, camp National Parks and some International destinations. I managed to go to John Muir and walk the easier trails, Watkins Glen, Yellowstone, local Wildlife Refuge parks. I am grateful for that but it was earlier in my MG and I have worsening gMG now.

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