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      Raymond Nelson

      This procedure, a needle/punch biopsy, was first done in 2014 and doctor prescribed Cipro.  Told him it was contraindicated because of my MG so he then gave me Amoxicillin which created no problems.  I now need to have this procedure repeated but now have a severe allergy to penicillin.  My doctor was to contact my neurologist to see what might be acceptable but have not heard from him in some time now.  My MG is well controlled so I am only taking 60 mg of Mestinon and 50 mg of Imuran per day.  I am wondering if anyone has found a suitable antibiotic in a similar circumstance.

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      Jonathan A

      I had a bad reaction to an anesthesia (to stop me moving for MRI and CTscans)  because at the sixth month point, no doctor could diagnose my Acute Ocular and Generalized MG.   I stopped breathing and a CODE STROKE was called and I was resuscitated multiple times (an overdose of muscle suppressing in an undiagnosed MG patient) …. med paper said I got ACUTE RESPIRATORY FAILURE due to anesthesia.  I am telling you this as they sent me to ICU  … to recover, and within 24 to 36 hours, the med reports say I contracted three pneumonias in ICU, that the papers named each of the three.

      They gave me three named antibiotics, including TOBRAMYCIN, which is not a good med for an undiagnosed MG patient   ….   and is on the dangerous drugs for MG list.   I had TOTAL HEARING LOSS for 4 months, and had to communicate by paper pad or white board, as I was constantly intubated and later TRACHED, along with the total hearing loss, was no speech either.  So I can not tell you what to take …. only what to avoid.  Ask  a NEUROLOGIST you TRUST.  I am in remission still taking 180 mg MESTINON and  2000 mg daily of CELLCEPT.  They were able to taper me off that nasty PREDNISONE, after PREDNISONE and their STATIN meds  … gave me medically induced Diabetes II.  After my PREDNISONE was tapered and killed, then my doctor was able to then taper and kill also any more LANTUS & LISPRO INSULIN SHOTS too.

      Wishing you luck.  Make sure that anyone, who wishes to do something on you, understands the risk of CERTAIN  antibiotics, anesthesias, and blood thinners/anticlotting meds too.

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      Amy Cessina

      I’ve taken amoxicillin, penicillin, cephalosporins, z pacs, beta lactams. All with no issue.

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        Kenneth Berg

        Jonathan A,

        Is remission a clinical diagnosis? Is it something confirmed with blood tests and a decreases in AChr inhibitors? Or are you just feeling good on your meds?


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      Raymond Nelson

      Thanks for your replies.  Because my MG is well controlled my neurologist has said I should have no problem with Cipro and Cephalexin.  Said to increase my Mestinon dosage for a while during the short treatment.

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      Kenneth Berg

      Day 1 – Cipro 500 mg (for diveticulitis) – diahrea, listlessness, rash on legs – stopped

      Day 4 Amoxicillin/Clavulanate (for diverticulitis) gave me diahrea, listlessness, rash on legs stopped on day 6

      Switched to Bactrim and metronidazole.  No problems  (just recently took this again for a dog bite). Also took sulfamethoxaxole during dog bit incident – no problem

      Azithromycin landed me in ICU with MG exacerbation.

      While on a cruise, given 2 gm ceftriaxone intervenously – no problen,.  Ship doctor also told ne that Ampicillin also shows low risk.

      Definitely tough to find ones that don’t affect MG. Good luck.




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