How MG Changed the Way I Travel

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Unlike most people, I’m torn between loving and disliking the summer months. On one hand, as a teacher, I enjoy the time off. On the other hand, temperatures in my home state of Texas are almost unbearable. 

But my favorite thing about the summer is travel. While I have taken vacations at other times of the year, something about a summer trip makes it more special.

However, since my myasthenia gravis diagnosis, my vacations have changed drastically. My plans include more than just finding the cheapest tickets to a must-see play or the museums I want to visit.

I must now keep my MG in the forefront of my mind and make sure I am prepared for anything. I learned this important lesson on the first trip I took after starting treatment for my MG.

I was taking CellCept, prednisone, and Mestinon, and was about six months out from my thymectomy. My weakness was under control, and I was finally able to (mostly) get back to my normal routine. My family noticed my improved health and suggested we go on a family summer vacation to celebrate my current state and future surgery. I immediately agreed with the idea and started to plan our trip.

While searching for hotels and booking flights, I realized I couldn’t handle this trip the same way I’d handled others before. Those trips were pre-MG, which means they happened before I was diagnosed. I now had to figure out my new reality in a post-MG world. 

Firstly, I needed to focus on my most important tools: my medications. I made sure to pack enough for the trip, plus extras just in case. What if I accidentally dropped a pill into a gutter? What if it flew from my hand and out of a car window while I was exploring? Yes, I know, all very logical situations. 

The easiest way for me to store and keep track of my medications was by using a pillbox. It would have been way too difficult to juggle multiple pill bottles while traveling.

Next, I did a quick check for hospitals near my hotel. Although the odds of a crisis were low, I didn’t want to take any chances. Luckily, I was visiting a major city, so there were a few hospitals in my area. 

Finally, I checked out the cancellation rules for both my flight and the hotel. There was always a chance of a flare-up right before the trip, which could have made it difficult for me to even attempt it. I double-checked and confirmed that I could receive refunds or credit for the different things I had booked. 

MG may have put the brakes on some of my former hobbies, but it hasn’t stopped me from enjoying everything, including traveling. Like when anyone hits a roadblock, I had to learn how to readjust and figure out a new strategy. I didn’t let MG stop me — I simply looked at what I had to work with and took it from there.


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David Riklan

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