Strength In Weakness – a Column by Michelle Gonzaba

After struggling to identify the cause of her muscle weakness for almost a year, Michelle was diagnosed with myasthenia gravis in 2011. With her column, she hopes to help those with MG know they aren’t alone in their struggles and triumphs. Michelle lives in Texas and enjoys movies, TV, and awards season.

How Meditation Helped Me Manage Anxiety

For most of my life, I’ve been wary of meditation, which involves various mind exercises that help to build happiness and shrink stress. Perhaps I could blame my negative attitude about meditation on other factors, such as how it’s portrayed on TV. In reality, I never took the time…

How MG Taught Me to Put Kindness Before Judgment

Myasthenia gravis (MG) really enjoys hiding from other people. While a droopy eyelid is easy to observe, most of the other symptoms are not noticeable to outsiders. Weakness in the arms, legs, face, and other areas may only be detectable after someone with MG attempts to complete certain tasks.

When Exercise Became More Than a Workout

Exercise and I have never been the best of friends. I would make a commitment to work out more, which included buying new sneakers, workout gear, and equipment that I absolutely did not need. And what did I do with all of these new purchases? I completed four…

How MG Changed the Way I Travel

Unlike most people, I’m torn between loving and disliking the summer months. On one hand, as a teacher, I enjoy the time off. On the other hand, temperatures in my home state of Texas are almost unbearable.  But my favorite thing…