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Patient with Three MG Antibodies Described in Case Report

A patient with three different types of myasthenia gravis (MG)-associated antibodies was described in a recent case report. The report, “Anti-MuSK positive myasthenia gravis with anti-Lrp4 and anti-titin antibodies,” was published in Internal Medicine. MG is caused by the immune system attacking the…

IMVT-1401 Seen to Safely Treat Generalized MG in Phase 2a Trial

Treatment with IMVT-1401 significantly eased symptoms and lowered antibody levels in adults with moderate-to-severe generalized myasthenia gravis (MG), top-line results of a small Phase 2a trial show. Use of this investigative antibody at two doses was also seen to be safe and well tolerated. Results are expected to…

Rituximab Safe and Effective in LOMG, Study Suggests

Treatment with rituximab is safe, provides clinical improvements and enables stopping maintenance therapies in patients with late-onset myasthenia gravis (LOMG), a small study suggests. The study, “Rituximab in Late‐Onset Myasthenia Gravis is Safe and Effective,” was published in the journal Muscle & Nerve. Rituximab —…

2021 Myasthenia Gravis Survey Results

BioNews Survey Infographic

Myasthenia Gravis News conducted a survey from Feb. 11-March 28 to gain greater insight into the characteristics of the MG community and disease management. Results of the survey have now been published. Click on the image to view the infographic, and click here to read the story.