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      Michelle Gonzaba

      Finding the positives of MG is easier said than done, but I have made an effort to see parts of it in a better light.

      MG has made me more patient with life and appreciative of the things I have. Do you think MG has had any positive effects on your life? What are they? Do you find it difficult to see the positive while having MG?

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      Amy Cessina

      You are right I thought I was doomed when I was diagnosed. I was and still try to be an avid back country hiker.  One thing is that I picked up some new hobbies that don’t require physical strength that I really enjoy.  I’ve started collecting very specific historical type items that I look for at garage sales and thrift stores. And some architectural studies. Like I take deep dive into specific architecture style and then find places I can go see them.  And I’ve learned to sew and I’m a much better cook because I don’t eat out. All of these things have actually made me very happy and forget about having MG.

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      Andy Seles

      A challenging question…what could be positive about MG?  Like you, Michelle, I’ve been given the opportunity to embrace an “attitude of gratitude.”  MG has made me more conscious of my energy levels.  It has made me realize how much internal anxiety I was ignoring for so many years (I have a suspicion that chronically stressed nerves are, at least, in part responsible for over-reactive antibodies.)  I’m practicing “checking in” with myself during the day on my anxiety levels…what pushes my buttons.  I’ve been a life-long meditator but I’m increasing my practice…another MG gift.  And, of course, MG has brought the reality of mortality home, making me appreciate every moment I’m alive.


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