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      Jodi Enders

      How have your family and friends responded to your MG diagnosis?

      Are they understanding and compassionate, or unable to have the emotional capacity for your new needs and accommodations?

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      Good afternoon Jodi and friends. Years ago when I told people about my hVing myasthenia gravis they looked at me as though I had two heads. It’s years later snd most people haven’t the slightest about Mg.
      I’ve learned that I don’t care about the empty or blank looks. I guess I listed some much when I walked many thought I was drunk.
      My support system my wife and friends are there to speak up for me.
      I advocate quite well for myself these days. I’m out of the closet I thought I belonged in.
      I have a wife of 50+ years,a daughter,grandchildren kid brother and yes I have me.
      Thank you my GOD, i couldn’t ask for more
      With mucg gratitude
      Stanley Schildkraut

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