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      Jodi Enders

      If you experience difficulty swallowing and chewing or have encountered these symptoms in the past, which foods did you find were the worst/best to eat?

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      Jonathan A

      I was undiagnosed with MG by every doctor who saw me  (I was finally diagnosed by a floor nurse whose patients also had all my symptoms).  I finally got to  the MG swallowing problems … as one of my last undiagnosed MG symptoms.   So  I bit my lip, cancelled my CIGNA appointment, and went directly to URGENT CARE at a nearby Banner Hospital to find someone who could diagnose my 8 or 9 symptoms.    I had been doing fine eating till then.  What worked best for me was just naked crushed ground beef that I usually made to put in spaghetti sauces, instant packs of microwave oatmeal cereal, and right out of the can canned tuna.

      Then I got in real trouble.  I kept getting Phlegm ?? in my mouth.  I tried to swallow my pills along with the foods listed above  …. and they all came back into my mouth in my Phlegm ??  … as if a ledge or ??? behind my tongue was  keeping me from swallowing and the food going down my throat.   Then the kicker  ….   I seemed like I was getting Campbell’s Chicken Noodle soup up my nose  … and not down my throat.

      My earlier BAD symptom was in the evenings  … my right hand/fingers were too weak …after a while to eat my dinner.   I had to either put my dinner into the fridge and lie down and regain my strength  ……   or use my left arm/hand to hold up my right hand/fingers to finish my meal.

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