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Have MG for 2 yrs. Diagnosed. I was having blurred vision and some difficulty swallowing, nasal speech and coughing. I realized there was a serious problem when I was unable to complete my 2 mile walk 2 yrs ago. Really scared me. I used to love long power walks, can no longer do that. I work as an RN full time in charge of a psychiatric unit. Thank God for that, it’s not as physically stressful but psychologically can take it’s toll. My team members are great people. They are very supportive. My family, they just feel like I should function as normal. Yeah, some days I can clean the entire house without batting an eyelash. Other days like today, I felt my eyes closing, even after taking my afternoon mestinon.  No energy to eat or even take myself up to bed. Some days are good, some days suck. This is life with MG. You never know what you’re gonna get when you wake up in the morning and sometimes minute to minute. Recently, along with leg cramps, I tore my calf muscle. 5 days non weight bearing really take their toll.  Recently, I shared the  Living with MG with my husband. Also, finally let him know how serious this can be. During the night, I choked on my saliva and spent the rest of the night coughing. My husband now knows, how when why and what amounts of meds I take. This varies day to day. I had been taking 180 timespan in the morning and one or 2 short acting 60 mg in the afternoon.  Sometimes I pretend I don’t have MG and try and skip a med….doesn’t work. I’m glad there are sites like this where we can share experiences. It does help.58 yrs old…lost my spleen 20 yrs ago, being a nurse saved my life. I discovered that I had MG myself and took the info to my neurologist. I made it through a serious bout of west Nile virus. I’m strong, I can do this. MG warriors!

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