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      Michelle Gonzaba

      When I was suffering from weakness due to MG, I avoided going to clothing stores because I knew I would be too weak to try anything on. Even after my strength came back, I still had a fear that I would fall while attempting to change clothes in a dressing room.

      I used to be reluctant towards buying clothing online, but since the beginning of the pandemic, I’ve grown more comfortable with it. I can definitely see how this method of shopping might be better for those with MG.

      Do you prefer to shop in-store or online for clothing? Have you had trouble trying clothes on due to MG weakness?

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      Amy Cessina

      I love shopping online. Especially if you use consignment sites. They give great sizing and pictures. If I do go to a store I just bring a tape measure and measure everything without trying it on. I’ve become very good at fitting by looking. Plus I sew so I can alter anything easily if it’s too long or needs tuck at the waist. I don’t miss dressing rooms at all.

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      Cyndi DeHoff

      I stick to shopping online now especially since covid hit.  I looking for store with free shipping and easy return policies   I will order two sizes of the same item if I am unsure of which one will fit then return what I don’t want.
      I simply don’t have the energy for shopping malls and trying on clothes in a dressing room

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      Alice Moreland

      Yes I do all my shopping online. And pickup groceries. I was doing a lot of that before COVID but now it’s always. It’s much easier, even though I end up sending a lot of clothes back.

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      Ronald E. Clever

      If I can’t buy it online then I don’t need it.  I was buying my groceries on line before the pandemic for pick up but have since switched to delivery and it is much more convenient.  As for clothes I am a very big man (over 400lbs) so I am very limited to where I can buy clothes.  I have not been able to buy clothes in a mall or regular store for many years and although the designs for the “big guy” leave a lot to be desired I would not go to a store if I could.  It is too hard at my size to change anywhere other than my bedroom which I have set up for me and with the MG it is more difficult.

Viewing 4 reply threads
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