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  • MG Representation in the Media

    Posted by BioNews Staff on June 28, 2021 at 5:28 pm

    The first time I ever saw a fictional character with MG was in the show Empire. To quickly summarize, the lead character, Lucious, believes he is dying of ALS for most of the first season. He is trying to decide which of his sons should take over his recording label.

    Around halfway through the season, he finds out he actually has MG. When I watched the show, I had no idea MG would be a part of it but was pleasantly surprised to see a few articles about the disease the day after the episode aired.

    Do you think it’s important for people with MG to be represented in the media? Why or why not? Have you seen any other shows/movies/books/graphic novels etc. that have characters with MG?

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