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      Greetings all,

      My Father was diagnosed this summer with MG. Very scary but he made it through and is recovering now. However, he is having some extreme swelling in the legs and feet. Shoes and socks no longer fit and he has to wear baggy pajama pants as well. I was wondering if anyone else experienced this? What was the cause and solution?

      From my research it seems like it could be Prednisone. They started him at 60mg I believe and he is down to about 15 right now. He just recently got a new neurologist who has had him reducing by half a pill per week.

      I am hoping that the swelling will begin decreasing as he is weened off the drug. The doctors don’t seem to have any answers, so hoping someone here might know something.

      Thanks much!



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      Kevin Hillock

      If he is on prednisone this could be the culprit. You need to also have his blood sugar checked. I was on a similar amount and my legs swelled to the point I thought my feet would pop when I was walking. I am a type 2 diabetic and I was keeping my A1c below 6.5. When I went on Prednisone my blood sugar climbed to over 500 and my A1c went over 11. I have had to reduce my Prednisone to below what my neurologist advises but it is that or deal with uncontrollable diabetes

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      Michael Morris

      I’m on prednisone and both ankles and feet have swelled. Bad at days end but better on waking. Part of it is water retention so I watch my sodium intake. I’m down to 17.5 mg a day and dropping.

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      Peter Hardcastle

      I got something similar the first and only time I used prednisone about 3 years ago. Never did use it for the MG. I have hereditary problems with edema and DVT going on for 30-years so the swelling wasn’t unusual, just more severe than usual. Even with my experience the swelling was very difficult to deal with and I am still dealing with the remnants today. All the doctors would say is take lasix and elevate your feet and then left my PT to deal with the problem. I was using compression socks at the time but switched to “compression wraps” to get increased compression “30-40” with greater ease of donning. I also use lymphatic massage which I have found to be very effective. However, Medicare generally will not pay for it so I had to learn to do it myself. The Medicare rules may be different if there are open sores. Bought one of those fancy beds that allows you to raise the feet when sleeping or lying down by remote control (this is very effective). I use lasix, 20 to 40 mg per day. Use Lite Salt 50% Sodium – 50% Potassium. And try to keep my legs moving to keep circulation going, even if it’s nothing more than exercises. All of these methods should help, some more than others, but you will need to find out what works best remembering every person is different. Of course, the most important thing would be to get off the prednisone.

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