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  1. Positive Musk test for gMG Nov 2023.  I have been fighting this for several years, finally found someone that would listen and not blame my weakness on my horrible back.  At the age of 46 some 11 years ago now, I crushed L1 and T12 terribly, so bad Mayo could not repair.  Fortunately no spinal cord issues in the fall.  Needless to say over the past 4 or 5 years any time I have complained about weakness, everyone blames my back.  I finally went to a different doc and told him keep looking until you find something besides my back to cause all this weakness.  Many tests later, and a referral to a Neurologist I am finally on some meds and feeling better, not great, but definitely better.
  2. Before I broke my back I was an industrial maintenance guy for almost 30 years.  After almost 3 year of recovery and surgeries I was finally able to get back to work but not as a maintenance guy, I do not have the back for that.  So, I teach Industrial Maintenance classes at a local community college.  I also have about 3 dozen chickens, about 25 hives of honeybees and produce about 1200 pounds of honey a year.  Big garden and we can lots of our own food.
  3. Today I am basically 1 month in this MG journey and so far it sucks.
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1 month confirmed, realistically I knew something was going wrong for the past 4 or 5 years.

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