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I have probably started MG way back while missionary in Zimbabwe, Africa when shortness of breath originated… which has grown worse over the years and is now real problem. I had an incident with drooping eyelid a couple of years ago, but knew nothing about MG… but when it happened again very severely after a course of antibiotics of cellulitis in leg, my eye doctor had the blood test run… and my result was “off the chart” at 10.1 in stead of in the 0.0-0-5 range. My heart doctor quickly put me on predesone and another Rx… Within 24 hours the eye started opening again.  ..but then breathing worsened, so instead of the 12 pack predesone, the neurologist raised the dosage to 60 a day again… I am a new patient and will start infusions for a month.  I am appreciating this web site for info and my doctor said to ask for your information kit as well…  I have become a strong advocate of get tested early, not later if any symptoms. When I read your list of symptoms, it described me and I just had thought they were “old age” problems….  Thank you!!!!

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MG Website

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I think for over 20 years while still in Africa

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