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      Michelle Gonzaba

      It takes a lot of energy to take care of a pet, so those with MG may have trouble keeping up with a dog, cat, or another animal.

      How has MG changed the way you take care of your pets? What tips would you give to someone who’s having trouble caring for their animals?

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      Charles Karcher

      Unfortunately both my dogs died within 8 months of my diagnosis.  It does take a lot of energy to give them the proper care.  So far I have decided to not get another pet.  I really don’t have someone I can trust or impose on to take care of a pet should my illness render me unable to care for them.  Also I was a late onset diagnosis and now at age 69 fear that I would probably be outlived by the new pet leaving it to an uncertain fate in the case of my mortality.  I know this all sounds very morbid or depressed but I have owned dogs all my life and do not want provide substandard care for a new pet.

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        I have 2 Golden Retrievers currently and am planning on getting a puppy next year. My husband’s Golden boy is 11 1/2 years old and my boy is 6. I train and show him in both obedience and rally. Show weekends are tough because they start early and run late, which is very tiring, as I need more sleep now that I used to with my MG.  I go to bed early on show weekends so I can get enough sleep. Summertime heat can also be an issue for my MG. I can train in the house or the club training bldg. I try to keep my training sessions short and happy. Training and showing are my passions and I am blessed to be able to continue to do what I love!

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      Judith Kauffman

      I have a very active pet and am fortunate to have a energetic husband.  He does the long walks.   I am able to do very short ones but she is satisfied with that .  I was diagnosed 6 years ago. I am now 74.  It is a daily challenge.

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      Amy Cessina

      I have 4 cats and a dog. I am good since I have a husband and three kids only one left at home. But I completely understand Charles compassion about  not leaving a pet behind or going into the hospital and not having a back up caregiver. Pets are a lot of work but they do give me a good mental boost .

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      Dave Hall

      I would not choose to live without my pets.  When I was younger (pre MG) I did obedience, fly ball, agility, and hunt tests with my dogs.  I no longer can do the dog sports that I loved.  But now that I am old and retired, I own a small farm and my wife is big on Sheep Dog Trials.  She will be gone for a weekend or nearly a week while competing all over the country.  The feeding of all the dogs she did not take to a trial falls to me.  The last trial she went to she only took one dog.  That left me taking care of six dogs and the three cats.  I handled it with no problems.  However, I no longer feed the livestock, we have a farm hand to feed the sheep, goats, cattle, donkeys, and our one old Clydesdale mare when she is off competing.   Wish I could take care of them as well, but with the MG, that is not an option.

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