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    Posted by jodi-enders on June 14, 2021 at 1:00 am

    The feeling of a heavy head and difficulty to hold, and neck discomfort are not commonly recognized primary Myasthenia gravis symptoms. Medical professionals do not believe MG to lead directly to pain. However, they are often secondary effects endured by those living with MG. Head and neck strain is usually due to weakness of the neck muscles.

    My MG doctor has suggested I receive regular physical therapy and massages to help relieve some of this pain. However, the discomfort is a daily matter that increases after demanding activity where my neck becomes progressively weaker.

    I have become curious about purchasing a head support device. There is a medley of various head support devices to target specific areas of weakness. An internet search will provide you with a large quantity of information and distinctive neck collar, drop head support, and headrest options to fit your needs.

    Have you tried head or neck supports? If you have, did you see an advancement in pain management and quality of living?

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