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    Posted by Jodi Enders on May 7, 2021 at 5:12 am

    You will never find satisfaction in anything unless you train your mind to seek the positive. Because of my MG flare last summer, I have lived with my parents in which they have been able to assist while my MG has worked its way towards remission. It has been a trying time, and I am unsettled when I lash out at those who care about me. I attempt to keep in the back of my head to appreciate them and not burn bridges, but this is a challenging task. To keep your emotions and what you hold inside from leaking out into your relationships. Breathe. Reflect on your blessings, although it may not be simple, during these difficult times. Your family and caregivers have pressure they are dealing with just like you. Have patience. Strive to stay in the now and experience the transient moments. Life and our subsequent wellbeing are constantly fluctuating, and you will find yourself feeling okay again with time. Enable yourself to embrace this stage and all the teachings that are available to be received. 


    Following graduating a few months ago, I have been so overcome by doubting myself and my ability to manage a full-time job or having the power to land one with my unique major in a competitive market. I had given up on taking that start in my career and had decided to nanny for another year. Additionally, the thought of grad school has been looming in the back of my mind. Whether it will be worth it, would I get the degree only to have my MG flare up and be unable to work a job with an income needed to pay off my student debt? Patience.


    Being hired to moderate this forum is a new occasion to advocate for the global MG and rare disease communities. Life’s immeasurable moments, significant breakthroughs, and purposeful roadblocks almost always come when we least expect them. Sometimes we are depleted of energy, feeling we have done all we can but still failed. Then, right when we’re at our breaking points, life gives you that spark. It’s up to you to recognize even the smallest blessings and breakthroughs and rejoice in them. Stay mindful of your supposed life purpose, and acknowledge and accept any attempt of the universe assisting you in reaching your goals (possibly disguised at first).


    Suppose you find yourself in a position of unemployment or leave due to MG. In that case, I challenge you to allow yourself to pause, recuperate, and realign with your soul and the journey you are on. Pace yourself and be easy on yourself when you cannot reach all of your intentions or deadlines because nothing needs to be done all at once. Your goals will still be there. Your dreams have no timer for you. And when you do accomplish goals, regardless of how minor, celebrate! But while we are in progress, let go of the strategy of trying to do it all yourself. Anyone prosperous has a team of support, I assure you. Accept the help offered to you by the community within this forum, your caregivers, friends, family. Don’t let that self-sufficient mindset that served you in the past hold you back from reaching your highest aspirations. 


    What actions do you suggest for co-existing with caregivers to assure you thoroughly experience the momentary?

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