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    Posted by Jodi Enders on May 14, 2021 at 9:00 am

    How we identify as individuals are crucial to our sense of completeness. When others ignore, disrespect, or question our stated identities, we feel that we as a person are being diminished and marginalized. The same goes for when identities and labels are given to us by others, which may make us uncomfortable.


    Patient, warrior, survivor, fighter, disabled, living with a disability: These labels carry different connotations depending on the person. Someone with no health issues might feel they are offensively referring to another individual as disabled. Still, someone living with MG may feel completely comfortable viewing the disease as a part of them. Someone might feel empowering referring to themselves as an MG Warrior, while I know many with MG often feel they have no fight left in them. What is important is that you respect how another has expressed they prefer to have you reference them.


    I identify MG as a part of me, it influences who I am, but it is not ME. I am on a fighting journey, but not a physical one. I view MG as an aspect of my body in need of more attention than most. It is not going away; at best, it will go into remission. So I am learning every day how to live with my friend MG. One of discovery and learning to nourish my body’s needs. 


    How do you identify with Myasthenia gravis? 

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