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  • College and MG: What is Worth Doing

    Posted by Jodi Enders on May 13, 2021 at 7:00 am

    College is an enormous life shift alone. For numerous, it involves partaking in new adulting activities and responsibilities. People try to manage more on their plate and have more pressure to succeed than ever. And I feel it is safe to say that if an individual is paying the price for college, they want adventure, whether social, in their learning, relationships, or self-discovery. However, for those living with MG and its various symptoms, a degree entails much more than meets the surface.

    I was diagnosed with MG two weeks before my last semester of college following a flare. I had to instantly acclimate to my quickly weakening hands when note-taking, insomnia from my medicines, emotions out of wack. Let alone coping with the idea that I was missing out on what was supposed to be the “time of my life.”

    I had to determine what was worth doing and what not to do. Prioritize what needs to get accomplished to make steps towards my goals. Are you paying for college solely for the social life you might be missing out on to listen to your body’s needs? Probably not. The foremost reason you attend additional schooling is to help propel your career. So do what you can to prioritize your energy towards your studies and handling the bills.

    Importantly, remember you can pause your education. Withdrawal from classes cut extracurriculars from your schedule or switch up your professional path entirely. You can come back if you need a break. As individuals living with MG, we must first and foremost prioritize our health and care for our unique condition.

    What are some essential tips you would give to a fellow MG individual trying to tackle both complicated journeys at once?

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